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The Audi 8: Not Just for Spider-Man


When Spider-Man attended the premiere of his most recent movie this past summer, he chose to come in a 2018 Audi A8. With distinctive styling, a luxurious interior and lots of power, the 2018 A8 was the perfect luxury car for Spider-Man. Those same features make it the ideal luxury car for the everyday superheroes of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Distinctive Styling That Makes a Statement

Red carpet movie premieres are all about style, which is partly why Spider-Man chose to attend his in the 2018 Audi A8.

From the sedan’s elongated body to its detailed craftsmanship, every part of the…

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What Makes the ABT TT RS-R Roadster Special?


The ABT TT RS-R Roadster has the stuff legends are made of. The car has already left its mark in Audi’s record books, which means there is an official account of it. That’s a good thing, for this roadster may soon be remembered only in the mythos of Audi lore as one of the most powerful speedsters Audi ever produced. Before the ABT TT RS-R Roadster becomes a true legend there are only…

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Is the 2013 Audi A4 a Good Family Car?


For the family seeking an affordable, stylish and comfortable everyday driver, the 2013 Audi A4 is an excellent choice. With seating for five, a stylish interior, responsive handling and solid fuel efficiency, the 2013 has all the makings of a great family car. It’ll get everyone where they need to be while keeping them comfortable and safe - and without breaking the bank.

Stylish Seating for Five

The Audi A4 received a mid-cycle redesign in 2013 that largely focused on updating its interior. The cabin is constructed of the finest materials, including real leather, which give it a level of…

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6 Things to Consider Before Signing an Audi Lease


If you are considering an signing up for an Audi lease, you are probably also wondering whether it is the right choice for you. A lease can provide a great way to finance a new car that will also come with a comprehensive warranty that covers regular maintenance. However, a lease isn't necessarily the best choice for every buyer. Here are six factors to consider before you sign an Audi lease:

1. How much do you drive?

There are different annual mileage options available, but if you go over your allotted mileage, you will have to pay a fee…

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The Audi Q Model Lineup: 4 Things to Know


The Q lineup is Audi’s line of crossover and sport utility vehicles. With four models, three trims and numerous available packages, this line has a crossover or SUV for any driver who needs extra power or space -- and would like to drive in style. Here’s a look at the latest editions to the Audi Q lineup.

Seating Arrangements for Families (or Groups) of All Sizes

The newest Audi Q models are four different vehicles that offer a range of seating and cargo options:

  • The 2018 Audi Q3 is equipped with five seats and provides 16.7 / 50.3…
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Audi Winterization: 6 Tips You Can Use


In the past, salt and snow would wreak havoc on vehicles, which meant that winterizing your vehicle was just another seasonal chore on your list. Advances in technology have made cars more durable and able to withstand harsh winter road conditions, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't still take steps to ensure that your vehicle is ready for frigid temperatures and piles of snow that are part of life in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Apple Valley and other surrounding areas. Following these Audi winterization tips can ensure that you don't get sidelined this winter.

1) Check your battery…

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How Often Should I Replace My Audi Car Battery?


Modern vehicles incorporate more electronic components, which means additional demands on the car battery. Most people know that they need to pay attention to oil levels, but they fail to realize the importance of a properly running battery. In fact low, dead or damaged batteries are one of the leading causes of roadside assistance calls. With that in mind, it is important to know how often you should replace your Audi car battery and what signs might indicate that your battery is failing and needs to be replaced. 

The lifespan of an Audi car battery will vary. In general, you…

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Audi Vehicles: Improving Tire Life Expectancy


One key component all Audi vehicles, indeed, all vehicles of all makes and models share are tires. Tires are a critical component of your vehicle that require proper maintenance and timely replacement when they reach the end of their lives. They we will all need replacement...sooner or later. The following are a few key purchase and maintenance tips to help extend the life of your tires and make that service expense more later than sooner:

Audi Vehicles: Tips for Improving Tire Life Expectancy

  • Spend More, Buy Less

    The first step in improving the life expectancy of your tires is…
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Entry Level Luxury: The 2017 Audi A3


For Minneapolis-St. Paul area drivers eager to break into the luxury car market, there are few better choices than the 2017 Audi A3. This fascinating vehicle offers an exciting number of features and vehicle amenities at an attractively affordable price. This is luxury meets athletic performance, and it is available today at Audi Richfield. If your interest isn't peaked yet, just consider the following key aspects we love about the 2017 Audi A3:

Reasons to Love (and Purchase) a New 2017 Audi A3

  1. Luxurious Interior
    If you love vehicles that mesh beauty and comfort, this new A3 is a…
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Buying an Audi A4: Quick Guide


Audi’s motto has long been “vorsprung durch technik,” which translates into English as “advancement through technology.” While all of Audi’s vehicles contain many advanced features, perhaps none of them embody this motto as well as the Audi A4. From its exterior styling through to the interior features, the A4 is full of technological advancements that set it apart from many other vehicles.

Audi’s Best-Ever Coefficient of Drag

A car overview rarely starts with the vehicle’s coefficient of drag, but the Audi A4’s coefficient shows just how detailed the sedan’s engineering was. The 2017 and…

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