Air Conditioning Service at Audi Richfield

Warning Signs of needing Air Conditioning Service

There are a few tell tale warning signs of needing Air Conditioning Service. First, if the air conditioning unit is not blowing out any colder air at all, then you need the service. If you can tell that the cold air isn't quite as cold as before, you'll also need Air Conditioning Service. The third telltale sign is noise - a frayed drive belt, worn pulley, or defective compressor can cause a loud noise signaling a need for Air Conditioning Service.

  • No cold air production
  • Cold air isn't as cold as before
  • Noise when the A/C is turned on


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Audi Air Conditioning Service in Richfield, MN

Owning an Audi is supposed to be about luxury, but the luxurious comfort that you've experienced all winter can come crashing down this summer if your Air Conditioning System is blowing out hot air. Prevent turning the A/C knob on the first hot day of summer only to find that your Air Conditioning unit is not generating any cold air. One of the most common problems causing Audi owners to bring their vehicle in for service during spring is because of an air conditioning system malfunction. Driving in hot temperatures with poor air conditioning is not only undesirable; it is quite unsafe. Since you don't want to get stuck driving in a cabin with temperatures reaching over 100 degrees, gain peace of mind by getting an Air Conditioning Service before scorching summer temperatures arrive in Minnesota.  

Audi Richfield Services

What happens during an Air Conditioning Service at Audi Richfield? 

Air Conditioning Service always features a Certified Technician, a certified service protocol, and a digital air temperature testing instrument. The first step is to verify poor performance by testing the air temperature blowing out of the vents and then comparing the result to the factory performance chart. Once inadequate cold air production is confirmed, the Certified Technician will inspect and clean the entire air conditioning system including the compressor, wiring, and refrigerant levels. The inspection will isolate the root problem and provide the maintenance or repair that's needed to restore peak cold air production for your A/C system. Low refrigerant will get recharged as necessary to factory specifications. If you happen to need a replacement part such as a new compressor, we have an extensive inventory at the Parts Department and can provide you with the replacement part that you need. Audi Richfield is conveniently located in the Minneapolis metropolitan area near St. Paul and Bloomington, MN. 

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