One key component all Audi vehicles, indeed, all vehicles of all makes and models share are tires. Tires are a critical component of your vehicle that require proper maintenance and timely replacement when they reach the end of their lives. They we will all need replacement...sooner or later. The following are a few key purchase and maintenance tips to help extend the life of your tires and make that service expense more later than sooner:

Audi Vehicles: Tips for Improving Tire Life Expectancy

  • Spend More, Buy Less

    The first step in improving the life expectancy of your tires is to purchase tires known for living longer. Audi vehicles are known for their luxurious interiors and responsive handling, so why not purchase quality tires to match the other quality aspects of such a make? Talk with your Audi mechanic, and start off with a reputable tire brand and style that will serve you well. Remember, it's best to pay more at the beginning for a tire that will last longer than to have to return faster (and more often) to replace cheaper tires that are fast to wear out.

  • Check Your Tire Pressure Once a Month

    Tires that are kept inflated at the correct psi will last significantly longer than tires deflated even just a bit. In fact, a tire that is under inflated by just 20% of its recommended psi may have a 25% shorter tread life. That's because under inflated tires bend more as they move and cause premature outer tread wear. A good rule of thumb is to check your tire pressure once a month. Take care not to over inflate though. Overinflation brings its own problems, particularly during Minneapolis-St. Paul's winter months as it can cause a loss of traction that makes drivers more susceptible to losing traction, spinning out, or even crashing. It also provides a bumpier, more uncomfortable ride that causes premature tire wear. 

  • Rotate Your Tires Every Oil Change  

    Each of your tires will wear tread a bit differently, but most significantly there is a difference between your front and rear tires. By rotating them, you allow your vehicle to naturally even out the wear. A good rule of thumb for this is to rotate your tires on the same schedule as your oil changes or every six months. For best effects, talk to your Audi technician for the specifics of your make of Audi vehicles and have your wheels properly aligned at the same time.

  • Keep to the Speed Limit

    Zipping along highway lanes may save you a few minutes in travel time, but it also costs you in tire turnover. Consistently high speeds, quick accelerations, and abrupt stops all increase the wear of the tires on Audi vehicles. 

Our society does not often focus on the importance of maintenance and upkeep; it's a lot less glitzy than things that are bright, shiny, and new. Yet, there is beauty in keeping things working past their short lifespan. Following the above tire care and maintenance practices will extend the shelf life of your tires, but it will also provide other side benefits that you will love. For example, good tire pressure and rotation also improve the fuel efficiency of Audi vehicles.

Schedule Your Next Oil Change & Tire Rotation at Audi Richfield

If you are in need of a tire change, tire rotation, or oil change, contact Audi Richfield to schedule a service visit. We boast an extensive selection of tires to choose from, and our skilled and experienced service technicians are available to help you choose the best tires for your vehicle and driving style. 

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