Brake Fluid Exchange Service at Audi Richfield 

Correcting your brake fluid dilemma is easy at Audi Richfield. When you bring your Audi to us for Brake Fluid Exchange Service, it will always get completed by a Certified Technician with a deep understanding of your world-class vehicle and its service standards. When you get a Brake Fluid Exchange Service at Audi Richfield, you leave with peace of mind knowing that your brake system is at peak performance and maximum safety. Audi Richfield is conveniently located in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, MN metroplex.  


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What is Brake Fluid? 

Brake fluid is a hydraulic fluid that allows for the transfer of stopping power generated when you press the brake pedal to activate the master cylinder. The master cylinder is a pump that uses brake fluid to clamp the calipers and brake pads against the rotors to create resistance that ultimately slows down and stops your vehicle. The primary task of brake fluid is to transfer power through the brake system that ultimately stops the car and provides you with maximum passenger safety. Although Brake Fluid will usually last for 30,000 miles or 3 years before it loses integrity as a hydraulic, some driving factors can cause it to need Brake Fluid Exchange Service sooner. Because Brake Fluid is a vital safety component for every vehicle, you should never ignore any warning signs associated with faulty Brake Fluid.  

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Common Warning Signs of Bad Brake Fluid

The best way to know if you should exchange out old Brake Fluid is with a Certified Technician that understands your Audi and its service needs inside and out. Our Certified Technicians know that most Audi models come out of the factory with light amber to tan colored brake fluid. If the brake fluid is dark or brown in color, it will need to be exchanged with a manufacturer approved DOT 4 or 5 brake fluid. From the Certified Technician, genuine Audi Brake Fluid, and state-of-the-art facility, Audi Richfield has everything that your vehicle needs to restore its Brake Fluid to peak performance with maximum stopping power and safety. You should schedule a Brake Fluid Exchange Service at Audi Richfield if you are experiencing any of these common warning signs of Bad Brake Fluid: 

  • Brake system warning light is on
  • Brake noises - usually described as squeaks, squeals, or grinding
  • Wobble, shakes, or vibration when braking
  • Leaking brake fluid
  • Pulls to one side during braking
  • Pungent burning odor when driving

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