Symptoms of Defective Brake Pads in need of Replacement Service

Every time you press the brake pedal, the brake pads are working hard creating friction under extreme heat and pressure. When you press the brake pedal harder for an emergency stop, the brake pads are working harder. It is during short stops that the brake pads become an important safety mechanism. Because Brake Pads promote your passengers' safety, we never recommend ignoring any of the signs of poor Brake Pads in need of Brake Pad Replacement Service. Signs listed below! 


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Warning Signs

  • Noises - grinding, scraping, or screeching, loud metal-on-metal sounds signals that the brake pads are worn down entirely. Ignoring these noises will lead to secondary damages to brake calipers, rotors or drums.
  • Vibration -  if rotors are warped or damaged, the telltale signs is vibration when braking. The vibration often feels very similar to the pulsation from the anti-lock brake system.
  • Pulling -  if your vehicle pulls to a side during braking, it is likely due to contaminated brake fluid or uneven brake lining wear.
  • Brake Pedal - if the brakes don't seem to respond as they should or if the pedal needs to be pressed further toward the floor, you likely have a leak in the brake system or low brake fluid.
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What are Brake Pads?

Brake Pads are at the heart of your vehicle's ability to slow down and stop. When you press the brake pedal, it is the brake pads that create the friction against the brake rotor or drum that ultimately halts the car. Due to the extreme friction and heat, as well as the design of brake pads, they will wear down over time until nothing is left but metal on metal grinding between the brake caliper and rotor. It is an excellent strategy to follow the recommended maintenance schedule for Brake Pad Replacement outlined in your Audi's owner manual; however, if you start experiencing warning signs of a brake system problem, then it is also an equally wise decision to fix the problem quickly by scheduling Brake Pad Replacement Service at Audi Richfield. Audi Richfield is conveniently located near Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington, MN. 

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