Cooling System Service in Richfield 

Cooling System Service at Audi Richfield features a Certified Technician, genuine Audi Coolant Fluid, and a special instrument that can remove almost 100% of the contaminated Coolant Fluid. The entire Cooling System will get inspected to identify any vital components with significant wear and tear. Any defective parts can get replaced quickly to restore peak engine cooling. Everything going into the Cooling System Service at Audi Richfield meets the highest standards set forth by Audi as an industry-leading automotive manufacturer. Audi Richfield is conveniently located near Bloomington within the Minneapolis St. Paul metropolitan area.   


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What is a Cooling System?

In short, the Cooling System cools the engine. With many moving internal metallic components, the engine must operate within a factory-specified temperature range or risk the enormous consequences associated with engine overheating. To help keep the engine running cool, the Cooling System circulates Coolant Fluid through engine passages to absorb intense heat and carry it away from the engine. Although this might sound simple enough, the Cooling System is sophisticated with many vital components that must work together with precision to get this hot job done right. The Cooling System includes the water pump, coolant fluid, hoses, thermostat, fan, radiator, and reservoir. Usually, defective engine cooling can be traced back to contaminated or low Coolant Fluid; however, that is not a guarantee. The best way to correct poor Cooling System performance is by scheduling genuine Cooling System Service at a reliable, trustworthy, customer-service oriented service center like the one at Audi Richfield. 

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Symptoms of Needing Cooling System Service

If something goes wrong with your Cooling System such as contaminated Coolant Fluid, you will likely start to experience symptoms of the defect. Given the importance of your Cooling System to keep the engine running cool and the consequences associated with engine overheating, you should schedule Cooling System Service ASAP if any of these symptoms show up in your vehicle: 

  • Engine running hotter than normal 
  • Engine overheats 
  • Coolant fluid leaking under the vehicle 
  • Leaking heater core (coolant found in the passenger-side footwell) 
  • Heater or defroster is not working properly 
  • Disfigured radiator hoses, usually soft or bulging 

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