Engine Air Filter Replacement is an Investment in your Vehicle 

Audi engines need a precision air-fuel mixture to run properly. One of the ingredients for a precision air-fuel blend is the cleanest air possible. If unwanted contaminants get into the air-fuel mix, they can immediately cause performance problems. However, if airborne debris gets inside the engine, it can cause extensive damage. From performance decline to engine damage as a consequence, it is a wise vehicle maintenance decision to replace the Engine Air Filter at the recommended maintenance interval or sooner if you start experiencing any of the common warning signs related to a defective Engine Air Filter. The little cost of Engine Air Filter Replacement is negligible compared to the awesome engine-protecting benefits that you will receive from a new genuine Audi Approved Engine Air Filter. 


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Warning Signs of a Defective Engine Air Filter 

  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Engine misfires or has an engine misfire trouble code
  • Check engine light is on
  • Air filter paper is filthy, clogged, or torn
  • Reduced horsepower or acceleration
  • Smell fuel when starting the engine

If you are experiencing any of the warning signs of a defective Engine Air Filter, then you have been warned that the engine air filter is probably defective. But never worry, fixing the problem is quick and convenient with an Engine Air Filter Replacement at Audi Richfield Minneapolis.

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Minnesota's Climate, Springtime Particulates & the Engine Air Filter 

Minnesota's springtime climate supports high levels of pollen with residents commonly visiting environments with ample dust and dirt.  These environmental conditions can wreak havoc on an Engine Air Filter. A good rule-of-thumb when it comes to Engine Air Filters in Minnesota is having it changed at least annually because you know that it has faced extreme temperatures, wildly fluctuating environmental conditions, salt & sand from winter road treatment, and is likely clogged with that filth. If your Engine Air Filter is over a year old, gain peace of mind with the engine-protecting benefits offered with an Engine Air Filter Replacement Service at Audi Richfield Minneapolis. Engine Air Filter Replacement Service is easily accessed with a quick drive for most Richfield, Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington, MN residents. 

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