How can Headlights get Resurfacing  

Headlight Resurfacing & Restoration Service begins with a Certified Technician and a proven service protocol that can restore even the cloudiest headlight. A special chemical is used to remove the old UV protectant. The headlight is then cleaned and polished until the lens is perfectly transparent again. A new UV protectant is added to restore peak transparency, maximum visibility, and passenger safety. Headlight Resurfacing & Restoration Service is available at Audi Richfield near Minneapolis, St. Paul & Bloomington, MN.


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How can I tell if my Headlights need Resurfacing & Restoration Service?

The telltale signs of hazy headlights in need of Headlight Restoration & Resurfacing Service are seen in the plastic hardcoats' reduced transparency as well as decreased road illumination. If you are experiencing any of the following signs of poor headlight transparency, then we invite you to Audi Richfield for a Headlight Resurfacing & Restoration Service: 

  • Headlight plastic is scuffed, cracked, or scratched 
  • The headlight plastic is cloudy or hazy 
  • Difficulty seeing the road at night 
  • You are thinking about selling your vehicle 
Audi Richfield Services

Audi Headlight Resurfacing & Restoration Service in Richfield 

The Headlights that your Audi relies on to light up the road at night or during adverse weather events have two basic components: the lamp and the plastic hardcoat that provides protection for the lamp within. Headlight Resurfacing & Restoration Service is all about the plastic hardcoat that provides the protection and the transparency necessary to allow light to escape and light up the road. The effectiveness of the Headlight hardcoat is seen in both its durability and transparency. However, we know from years of servicing world-class Audi vehicles that the plastic hardcoat on every headlight will start to turn yellow, hazy, and foggy over time due to abrasions and UV light exposure. The good news is that the hazy, yellow, fog that now defines your headlight hardcoat can be totally restored at Audi Richfield with a Headlight Resurfacing & Restoration Service.  

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