Multi-point Inspection at Audi Richfield

What is an Audi Multi-point Inspection Service? 

Multi-point Inspection Service is an industry term that describes a comprehensive and thorough assessment of every vital component on your vehicle. A Certified Technician will evaluate every essential system and part to confirm its condition as well as presenting reliability and safety risks. You will know precisely the condition of your vehicle overall as well as the condition of each vital component.  


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Benefits of a Genuine Audi Multi-point Inspection Service

Every Multi-point Inspection Service at Audi Richfield Minneapolis features a Certified Technician and a genuine service protocol including a service-guiding checklist. The Certified Technician will use a three-color-coded checklist to inspect your vehicle and give each component a condition grade including Green for good, Yellow for needs attention soon, and Red for needs attention now. The key benefit from a Multi-point Inspection Service is getting real-time data about the condition of your vehicle with the opportunity to repair any defective components before reliability or performance consequences can really set in. Rest assured that our Certified Technicians understand your Audi inside and out, have access to a state-of-the-art facility and computerized diagnostics, and will apply factory procedures to ensure any replacement parts get installed properly. 

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Multi-point Inspection Found a Defective Part?  

When a Multi-point Inspection finds a defective, risky part with significant wear, you have two alternatives 1. rely on quality parts from Audi because Audi engineered your vehicle, OR 2. take the risk and buy a generic aftermarket part. At Audi Richfield Minneapolis, our Certified Technicians know the tremendous value in Genuine Audi Replacement Parts that have been meticulously designed and rigorously tested for a perfect fit and peak performance in your specific vehicle. When you roll the dice and buy a generic knockoff part, you have no idea if it will even fit nor do you have any clue about how it will perform. This is what you get when you rely on quality parts from the engineers that built your Audi:

  • Designed specifically for your vehicle
  • Verified performance standards
  • Warranty from an industry leader

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