What is Semi-Synthetic Oil?  

Semi-Synthetic Oil is a blend of conventional oil and mineral oils that contain less than 30% synthetic ingredients. The benefit of Semi-Synthetic Oil is that it lubricates the engine better because it can withstand extreme temperatures better compared to traditional mineral oil. Semi-Synthetic Oil is a good option for drivers placing heavy loads on the engine, engage in towing, or off-roading. If your Audi calls for Semi-Synthetic Oil and you need a Change Service, gain peace of mind with world-class Audi service at Audi Richfield.


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Why you should only rely on Genuine Audi Motor Oil   

When you need a Semi-Synthetic Oil Change for your Audi, it is imperative to rely on genuine Audi motor oils that were explicitly designed for use in your specific engine. Motor oil is a vital engine component related to meeting emissions standards, keeping the engine lubricated and running cool, and supports maximum fuel efficiency. To advance these objectives, Audi manufactures increasingly higher-performing motor oil with innovative formulations. Audi is a global leader in the luxury vehicle industry and produces motor oil that meets the highest standards imaginable. Semi-Synthetic Oil offers drivers the best of both worlds - the benefits of synthetic oil including extended lubricant life & improved viscosity but at a lower price compared to Full Synthetics. If your Audi requires Semi-Synthetic Oil or if you have an older model and want to transition from Conventional to Semi-Synthetic, Audi Richfield has the Oil Change Service that you need.

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What are the Symptoms of Needing an Oil Change?

  • Oil change service warning light is on
  • Dirty or dark oil
  • Engine sounds louder or has a knocking noise
  • Exhaust smoke is darker than usual
  • You can smell motor oil inside the cabin 

  • Never ignore any of the warning signs of defective motor oil when Oil Change Service is easily accessed at Audi Richfield. Bring your vehicle to us for a Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service, and our Certified Technician will drain the old oil and remove the old oil filter to replace them with genuine Audi Semi-Synthetic Oil & Filter to restore factory specifications. Audi Richfield is proud to serve the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington, MN metropolitan area by offering the region's highest quality Semi-Synthetic Oil Change Service.

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