Audi Battery Replacement

Audi Automotive Battery: Service Life & Replacement Service  

Audi models with an internal combustion engine rely on a battery that provides the voltage necessary to start the engine as well as to power the accessories when the engine is not running. The new Audi E-Tron electric vehicle also has a large powertrain battery with a powerful 95kWh lithium-ion battery. Almost every Battery Replacement Service at Audi Richfield involves replacing the engine-starting battery in Audi models with an internal combustion engine.

Service Life & Replacement Service for Electric Vehicles

We can also provide Battery Replacement Service for electric vehicle models in the rare event of a powertrain battery malfunction. Engine-starting batteries have the shortest service life, and will generally require Replacement Service at two to three years.

What are the Warning Signs of a Bad Battery?

Small yet durable, automotive batteries are relatively small and are continuously discharging voltage while accepting recharge from the alternator. The constant work with electricity that the battery handles eventually causes a decrease in ions available to store electricity. When this happens, your Audi's battery will no longer be able to provide the voltage necessary to start the engine nor will it power accessories reliably. Another significant threat to every battery is extreme temperatures with significant annual temperature change. Simply living in Minnesota with extremely cold winters and warm summers is a substantial threat to your Audi battery.

Audi Richfield Services

Here are the most common symptoms associated with a faulty automotive battery:

  • Slow engine cranking or engine won't start at all
  • Needing to push the fuel pedal to start the engine
  • Battery warning light is on 
  • Battery case is disfigured or physically damaged 
  • The battery is more than two years old 
  • Engine backfires
  • Clicking sound when turning the key 
  • Dimmer headlights or problems with electrical accessories

Audi Battery Replacement Service in Richfield 

Given the importance to the battery to your vehicle's reliability and performance, it is always an excellent strategy to schedule Battery Replacement Service at the recommended replacement interval or sooner if you start experiencing any warning signs of a dying battery. Audi Richfield is conveniently located in the Minneapolis metropolitan area near St. Paul & Bloomington, MN.


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