Audi Check Engine Light Diagnostic

What is the Check Engine Light?   

The Check Engine Light is an automotive warning system on every Audi model that communicates to the driver by illuminating a warning light on the dashboard when a problem is detected by a series of sensors uniquely positioned on every major automotive system and component

The sensors track performance data among every major system in real time and the Check Engine Light will light up if the sensors detect performance out of factory specifications.

Most Common Causes of an Illuminated Check Engine Light

At Audi Richfield, we always encourage our customers to bring your vehicle to the service center for a Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service that will isolate the root cause of your vehicle's defect and then provide an expert's recommendation with every potential alternative to restore peak performance, reliability, and efficiency to your vehicle at factory specifications. 

Check the list below for common reasons why your check engine light is on: 

  • Loose fuel cap
  • Defective Oxygen Sensor
  • Faulty Catalytic Converter
  • Fouled Spark Plugs
  • Dirty Fuel Induction System
Audi Richfield Services

Audi Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service in Richfield 

Since a lit Check Engine Light will only signal that there is a problem, Audi drivers with a Check Engine Light must then decide how to respond. The Check Engine Light is confusing to most drivers because it does not provide additional information about the cause or nature of the problem detected. 

The only additional information that might be gleaned from an illuminated check engine light is the severity; a flashing check engine light indicates a serious problem while a solid check engine light signals a minor problem. Beyond the illuminated Check Engine Light and whether it's flashing or solid, the best way to isolate the root cause of the Check Engine Light precisely and get a trustworthy recommendation on what to do next is with a trained & Certified Technician like those that handle every Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service at Audi Richfield. 

If you need to know the cause of your illuminated Check Engine Light and need expert advice on what to do next, then Audi Richfield has exactly what you need with our Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service.


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