Audi Differential Service

What is an Audi Differential & Why does it need Service?   

A Differential is needed on every vehicle to adjust for wheel rotation when cornering. When your Audi turns a corner, the vehicle travels at one speed, but the outer wheels must rotate faster while traveling a slightly greater distance compared to the inner wheels. The Differential is the vehicle component that automatically adjusts for this difference, and thus, provides your vehicle with a smooth ride. The Differential is sophisticated with several vital parts including a clutch, ring gear, pinion gear, spider gears, and a driveshaft for energy input.

Differential Oil and How to tell if your Audi needs Differential Service

Differential oil is the fluid that keeps the internal parts lubricated and cool while in operation. At the heart of Differential service is Differential oil exchange, but it is equally important to inspect the components for any signs of significant wear that threaten performance and reliability for your vehicle.

More often than not, Differential Service can be completed at the recommended maintenance schedule outlined in the owner's manual. However, because some driving factors can cause the Differential to get rapid wear, it is equally valuable to schedule Differential Service if you are experiencing any warning signs of a problem.

Audi Richfield Services

Here are the most common warning signs associated with a Differential defect in need of Service 

  • Noise - although the noise can vary considerably, a differential problem often comes with a clunking, banging, whining, ticking, or grinding sound 
  • Gear Performance - vehicle slipping in or out of gear without prompt or jerking movement is often related to a defective Differential component

Audi Differential Service in Richfield 

The recommended maintenance interval for Differential Service depends upon your Audi's make, model, and year. Audi models with a sport differential have a recommended maintenance interval for Differential Service every 40,000 miles. Other Audi models with a front-drive Differential generally call for Differential Service at the 120,000-mile maintenance interval or at ten years, whichever comes first. 

Also of importance is that Differential Service for front-drive Audi models includes replacement of the OD4 clutch as well as differential fluid exchange. No matter what your Audi models demands for its Differential Service, rest assured that Audi Richfield provides precisely what Audi calls for in the maintenance schedule found in the owner's manual.

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