Audi Oil Change Service Near Mendota Heights, MN

Mendota Heights, MN Audi Oil Change Service

At Audi Richfield, one of our many objectives is to offer our customers from Mendota Heights the oil changes that their Audi needs at a quality that invites the judgment to secure us as your single oil change service provider. We invite you to consider the benefits of driving 10 minutes from Mendota Heights to Richfield past independent service shops to our certified Audi service center for your vehicle's oil changes - service by certified technicians, installing genuine OEM parts, regular oil change service specials, understanding your Audi professionally, and online service scheduling. A certified technician will drain the old oil from the engine, inspect the engine and oil management system for leaks, and install genuine OEM engine oil and oil filter to specifications.

Conventional Oil

Conventional Oil

Going back in time to review what kind of engine oil has been recommended for Audi models historically, we find at Audi Richfield that older-models were manufactured with an engine running on conventional oil. As the traditionally recommended engine oil for older-model Audis, we provide the conventional oil change needed at the recommended 3,000-mile interval.
Synthetic Blend Oil

Synthetic Blend

Or semi-synthetic, this type of oil is often described as a mixture of conventional oil made from crude petroleum and manmade synthetics that mimic petroleum's lubricative chemical properties. If you own an Audi model with semi-synthetic engine oil, we invite you to get the synthetic blend oil change service that you need.

Full-Synthetic Oil

Full-Synthetic Oil

Every year the percentage of Audi vehicles on the road requiring full-synthetic oil increases due to Audi making this recommendation across new combustion engine models. As a certified Audi service center, we provide the full-synthetic oil change recommended with the specific full-synthetic oil that Audi refers to by name - Castrol professional EDGE full-synthetic that is the genuine OEM engine oil specified by Audi.


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Oil Change Stakes Have Never Been Higher

As modern vehicles and engine oil technologies advance, the stakes have never been higher regarding the service center providing your Audi's oil changes. Maybe 20 years ago an Audi could get away with dubious oil changes from an average mechanic working in a substandard independent service shop; however, today's car and SUV models have sophisticated, high-tech systems that demand more from the technicians, parts, equipment, and facility. Our oil changes take the quality to the highest level with Audi certification boasting a certified technician working in a state-of-the-art facility that only trusts installing genuine Audi OEM parts.

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Audi Richfield Service Amenities

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