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Conventional & Synthetic Oil Changes in Richfield, MN

Every car, truck, SUV, and any other gasoline-powered vehicle needs motor oil to run correctly. Your vehicle's motor oil catches dirt and debris from both inside and outside and helps protect vital internal components of the engine. Motor oil also wicks away the high levels of heat that are generated during regular operation. Like any other crucial component of an engine, motor oil has a limited lifespan and must be periodically replaced.


Audi Oil Changes

Different Kinds of Oil We Offer

There are three basic types of oil changes. The kind your vehicle needs depends on its performance capabilities and the manufacturers' original designs.

  • Standard Oil Change - A conventional oil change is necessary for most ordinary vehicles. It consists of replacing the existing motor oil with standard oil made from petroleum and an air filter change. Conventional oil changes need to happen every three months or 3,000 miles.
  • Semi-Synthetic Oil Change - A semi-synthetic oil change consists of replacing the old motor oil with oil that is half petroleum-based and half synthetic and replacing the air filter. Because synthetic motor oil tends to last longer than conventional oil, semi-synthetic oil changes need to happen every five months or 5,000 miles.
  • Full Synthetic Oil Change - A fully synthetic oil change consists of replacing the old motor oil with oil that is entirely synthetic and replacing the air filter. Fully synthetic oil will last even longer than semi-synthetic because it has less of a tendency to burn and lose its viscosity. Vehicles that take a full synthetic oil change can go on average 7,000 miles or seven months between oil changes since their oil is long-lasting.

Regular Oil Changes Are Vital to the Performance & Logenegivty of Your Audi

Your motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. Without it, high heat, intense friction, and abrasive debris will quickly break down critical components of your engine. This could lead to a catastrophic breakdown. Sometimes fires and even explosions can result.

Certified Service & Parts from Audi Richfield

Here at Audi Richfield in Richfield, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Mendota Heights, MN, and Bloomington, MN our certified Audi professionals know what type of oil change your Audi needs and when. We provide the highest quality air filters and use only the finest brands of motor oil. Don't let your oil change schedule lapse. Call or stop by today to schedule an appointment.

Audi Richfield Service Amenities
Audi Richfield Service Amenities

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