Audi Rear Brake Service

How can I tell if my Audi needs a Rear Brake Service?   

Rear Brakes are simply the brake system components positioned on the rear wheel-tire assemblies. The Rear Brakes have the same parts as the front brakes but will generally require service at less frequent intervals. If you just had front brake service but need to maintain the rear now, Audi Richfield offers the genuine Rear Brake Service that your world-class luxury vehicle demands. Never trust an average mechanic or a less reputable service center when Audi Richfield offers the high-quality Rear Brake Service that your car deserves.

The Importance of Genuine Audi Rear Brake Service for Newer Model Audis

Newer Audi models with an electronic parking brake demand next-level service with a Certified Technician that has access to a unique digital instrument that can put the brake system in Service Mode to release the caliper piston. Trying to do Brake Service yourself on newer Audi models can lead to caliper or parking brake damages. If you drive a newer Audi with an electric parking brake, it is the best idea to have Rear Brake Service with a Certified Technician at Audi Richfield. Gain peace of mind with Rear Brake Service at Audi Richfield because we have a team of Certified Technicians, state-of-the-art facility, computerized equipment, and genuine Audi service to give your world-class vehicle the luxury service that it deserves.

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Here are a few common warning signs related to a Brake System problem 

  • Noises when braking
  • Vehicle pulls to one side during braking
  • Burning pungent odor 
  • You are at the recommended maintenance interval
  • Brake system warning light is on 
  • Leaking brake fluid

Audi Rear Brake Service in Richfield

Rear Brake Service consists of the Rear Brake components but will also inspect the entire Brake System including its vital components including pads, fluid, lines, and master cylinder. The Rear Brake Pads will get replaced with rotors resurfaced as needed to restore powerful braking at factory specifications. If the Brake Fluid is contaminated, it is an excellent opportunity to have it exchanged as necessary to restore hydraulic performance. A full inspection of the entire Brake System gets performed to detect and repair any defective components. Rest assured that the Rear Brake Service at Audi Richfield will focus on the rear brake parts but is also flexibly designed to provide the entire Brake System precisely what you need to restore peak brake system performance if a faulty component is found by our Certified Technician.

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