Audi Spark Plug Replacement

What are Audi Spark Plugs?   

The Spark Plugs in your Audi are one of the smallest yet are one of the most vital components of an internal combustion engine. These tiny innovative powerhouses accept electricity on one end and have an electrode with an arc on the other. When the electricity hits the electrode, it creates an electric arc that ultimately provides the spark of electricity that ignites the air-fuel mixture. Spark Plugs are positioned at every combustion chamber and ignite fuel with each combustion stroke to power your vehicle.

What are the Warning Signs of Fouled Spark Plugs in need of Replacement?

Facing extreme heat, pressure, oil, and burnt carbon, spark plugs will eventually foul. More often than not, fouled spark plugs are defined by carbon buildup that restricts the electricity's ability to create an arc at the electrode. Other factors such as a blown head gasket with leaking oil can also cause fouled spark plugs.

The telltale warning signs of fouled spark plugs are related to engine performance and efficiency. Poorly performing spark plugs will always get worse and never better. If you are experiencing any of the warning signs of fouled spark plugs, we invite you to Audi Richfield to restore your engine's performance, reliability, and efficiency with Spark Plug Replacement Service.

Audi Richfield Services

Here are the telltale warning signs associated with fouled Spark Plugs in need of Replacement Service

  • Poor acceleration 
  • Reduced fuel efficiency 
  • Engine misfires 
  • Throttle response is surging or hesitating 
  • Rough idle 
  • Difficulty starting the engine or won't start at all

Audi Spark Plug Replacement in Richfield

No matter what the cause of your fouled spark plugs, if you have them, the best decision is to replace them at Audi Richfield by scheduling Spark Plug Replacement Service. Every Spark Plug Replacement Service at Audi Richfield features a Certified Technician that understands your world-class vehicle and will always apply world-class service standards. Your old or fouled Spark Plugs will get removed and replaced auth genuine Audi Spark Plugs to restore factory specifications. All connections and wires will get inspected, cleaned, and replaced as necessary for peak performance. Audi Richfield is conveniently located near Minneapolis, St. Paul, & Bloomington, MN.


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