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Balancing Your Tires 

Tire balancing is fairly simple, but special equipment is needed to get it done right. Tire balancing keeps your wheels turning true, or straight. When new tires are put on your car they are balanced with a machine after being mounted and filled with the proper amount of air. Small weights are placed on the wheels to get a fine balance that is needed. This is a different operation than alignment, which keeps your wheels straight. It is a good idea to get your wheels rotated every 6,000 miles or so, and get your balancing checked every other time you do this.

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Risks of Never Balancing Your Tires 

If you don't keep your tires balanced, the tires will wear out faster than they would have normally. Keeping them balanced will save money in the long run. The cost of getting your tires balanced a couple of times a year is a lot less than a new set of tires. Tires unbalanced can affect other things like alignment, so ignoring the problem could lead to other more expensive repairs. The balanced tire also affects your steering, making your car easier and more fun to drive. A tire could get so out of balance it could be hard enough to steer to cause an accident, but that would be an extreme case.

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The dealership, like Audi Richfield in Richfield, MN (Hennepin County), has the state of the art equipment to make sure your tires are in complete balance. We also welcome customers from Minneapolis, St. Paul, and Bloomington, MN.

Checking and balancing tires does not take a long time. While you are here, enjoy our dealership Amenities such as WiFi, and workstations. If you have to leave your car with us, we have shuttle rides and complimentary loaner vehicles available.  We take care of our customers and the cars, adding a complimentary car wash with each service visit. We also have a body shop on-site to take care of the outside of your car.

Check out our Tire Rotation Service.


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