New Car Tires for Sale in Richfield, MN

Tires are a big part of any car, without a good set of tires your car is not going to drive as well and it is also not going to be as safe.

Installing New Tires on Your Audi

As you drive each day your tires wear. This means that they might thin out, they may develop bulges, they may also develop wear spots that are not as even as they could be. Since you have to use your tires every time that you drive, it is important to keep them in good shape so that they are safe to drive on. Replacement is the process by which the old tires are removed and disposed of and the new tires are put on. Your tires will also be balanced and aligned as needed when you get net tires put on.

Audi Tire Replacement Service

Shopping for New Tires?

Replacing old tires, that are worn, or that are not safe to be driven on the road is the best way to make sure you and the other drivers are going to be safe. Thin tires or that have had the tread worn off of them are not going to be able to stop as well, they are not going to grip the road as well, and they are not going to be safe when you are driving. Tires that are old or that are overly worn are not going to be safe for you to drive which means that you may have a car that slips and slides when the roads are wet or when you are just trying to drive.

Audi Richfield Services

The Risks of Driving on Old Tires

Delaying this type of service is going to end up in a car that may not drive well or that might end up with bald tires or with a flat. You want to make sure you are changing out your tires as they age and as they become worn to make sure you and the other drivers are going to be safe no matter what. Caring for your car can be difficult but with the right care you can get a car that is going to drive and that is going to be safe when it does.

Audi Richfield Tire Center

Audi Richfield offers a comfortable customer lounge area with shuttle rides, complimentary car wash, snacks and drinks and more. They also have a body shop on-site and offer complimentary loaner cars so that you can get out and about without having to wait for your car to get done. They also have work stations and a dedicated and talented team to help you get the most out of your car service.

Audi Richfield Service Amenities
Audi Richfield Service Amenities

Service/Tire Center Amenities:

  • Work stations
  • TV & WiFi
  • Coffee & Beverages
  • Snacks
  • Complimentary Loaner Vehicles
  • Shuttle Rides
  • Complimentary Car Wash
  • Certified Technicians
  • Body Shop Onsite
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Audi Richfield

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Service Hours

  • Monday 7am-7pm
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  • Wednesday 7am-7pm
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  • Friday 7am-5pm
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